Lumite Inc. Expands in Georgia

When one thinks of what it takes to manufacture aluminum structures or grow anthuriums, the first thing that typically comes to mind isn’t fabric.

For Lumite Inc., fabric has been the bread and butter of their business. Lumite Inc. was founded by an engineer who previously produced mosquito netting for the United States Armed Forces in 1943, naming it Lumite. Following WWII and Korean War, Lumite expanded into automotive, furniture, agriculture and horticulture sectors.

Today, Lumite Performance Fabrics are used for waste water treatment, aluminum mining, backpacks, pool covers and greenhouse film, manufacturing its products in Georgia for 65 years.

It’s no secret that Georgia has become a hub for all kinds of manufacturers. The state’s low cost of living and doing business, combined with a reliable transportation hub and solid network of companies offer an ideal business climate for businesses such as Lumite to flourish.

With assistance from GDEcD’s project manager, Tammy Caudell, Lumite, Inc. has not only found success in Georgia, but also has plans to expand its business with a state-of-the-art, 120,000-square-foot warehouse in Alto, which will include manufacturing and warehouse.

“The multimillion dollar investment reinforces our customer commitment to provide timely service, excellent quality and the capacity to accommodate future growth opportunities,” said Ron Rooks, President of Lumite.

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Lumite Inc. is a member of the Thrace Group, a global enterprise with its headquarters in Athens, Greece.

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