Georgia’s Manufactured Goods in Demand around the World

Georgia is built for business. Companies located here have access to a competitive business climate, a qualified and well-trained workforce and a logistics infrastructure that makes 80% of the U.S. consumer market accessible in two hours by plane, or two days by truck or rail. This mix makes Georgia a leading state for business, and underscores why more than 9,000 manufacturing operations choose to call Georgia home.

Georgia is a national export leader, with manufacturing serving as its backbone. From aviation/aerospace and electrical machinery, to turbines and non-railway vehicles, Georgia manufacturing accounted for more than 85% of the $39.4 billion export total in 2014. The high quality products built here in Georgia are in demand all over the world, with exports reaching 211 countries and territories in the last year alone.

Approximately 95% of the world’s consumers are located outside of the United States, opening up a world of opportunity for Georgia companies.  Manufacturers looking for their next global customer can work with Georgia’s International Trade division to find the right international partners and accelerate their exports.

Aerospace products– the top export from Georgia – represent 21% of the total, and advanced manufacturing accounts for four of the top five export sectors from our state.  As home to the world’s busiest international airport and the fastest-growing container port in the nation, Georgia knows how to move products quickly and efficiently all around the world.  Each of those international sales leads to increased profits, stronger companies, and job growth here at home.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration, Georgia exports in 2014 supported 209,000 jobs, and manufacturing exports alone supported 187,000 jobs. In fact, businesses that export create twice as many jobs as companies focused solely on the domestic market, and tend to grow faster, pay higher wages, and are less likely to go out of business.  When Georgia companies export, the benefits come right back home to Georgia.

Georgia’s award winning International Trade division works with hundreds of Georgia businesses every year, across all industries and in every region of our state, to help increase Georgia’s exports, which both retain and increase jobs.  With a staff of trade professionals located here in Georgia, and a network of international representatives in 11 strategic global markets, the Trade division provides manufacturers with the free resources they need to find and successfully sell to their next global customer.  From market intelligence and customized export planning, to distributor searches that match vetted international buyers with Georgia suppliers, our team provides the Global Insight and Global Connections needed to help our local manufacturers succeed.

Are you ready to find your next global customer? Visit Georgia.org/Trade.

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