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Georgia companies rely on the state’s logistics infrastructure and services to handle and haul more than $900 billion of cargo each year. This is because Georgia has unparalleled options for cost-effective intermodal transportation – ocean, truck, rail, and air – as well as reliable connections to suppliers and customers, and the technology and workforce that make efficient logistics possible. The Center of Innovation for Logistics helps companies take advantage of the state’s world-class logistics industry, so that they can improve supply chain efficiencies, support growth, and increase global competitiveness. The Center connects companies to the technical industry expertise, collaborative research, and partnerships that cargo-owning companies need. The Center understands all segments of the logistics industry, and provides a truly impactful forum for companies to network, address logistics challenges, and share knowledge.

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Georgia Logistics Summit Shipper Spotlight: DeLores Ross

A native Savannahian, DeLores Ross has been involved in the Georgia logistics industry for more than 30 years. She has worn many hats, previously working for a customs brokerage as well as for the Georgia Ports Authority. Currently, as the Transportation and Logistics Manager for Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems, DeLores is responsible for moving cargo that often has a price tag of over $50 million.

Last year, DeLores added one more title to her resume. After several years of attending the Georgia Logistics Summit, DeLores was named to the inaugural Georgia Logistics Summit Executive Committee – a group of logistics professionals from all corners of the industry who came together to make the 2016 Summit the most successful yet. DeLores is back to serve on the 2017 Executive Committee, and we sat down with her to learn what she thought the Georgia Logistics Summit had to offer to shippers, and why she thinks anyone still considering their registration should go ahead and register.

Information is Key

For DeLores, what separates the Georgia Logistics Summit from other conferences is the quality of information that attendees can expect to absorb over the two-day conference.

“The information that I’ve received is remarkable,” DeLores says. Instead of being at an event focused on sales above all else, or what DeLores refers to as a shark attack, the Georgia Logistics Summit, she says is “a group of professionals all coming together to learn and grow in their industry.” That’s not to say that a sale can’t be made, however.

Georgia has everything it takes to build the business you want.

DeLores states confidently that she has picked up at least one carrier at every Summit she’s been to. But according to DeLores, those pale in comparison to the treasure troves of information that are found at the event.

“The Summit has expanded my knowledge of a lot of things occurring in the logistics industry that I didn’t even realize were happening,” she says, “and I’m bringing that back not only for the company but also for me.”

Why Should a Shipper Attend the Summit?

When asked why she believes a fellow cargo owner should make plans to attend the Summit, she concentrates most of her answer on the value of the knowledge dispensed at the Summit as well as the strengths of being able to do business in Georgia.
“Georgia has everything it takes to build the business you want,” she says. “We’ve got it, and I think other people need to see it,” she says. And as DeLores Ross knows, you can see it at the Summit.

To those who are on the fence about registering for this year’s Georgia Logistics Summit, DeLores has just one piece of advice,

“Come one year, you will come back.”

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