A Look into the HDCI Information Technology Task Force

Launched in 2014, the Governor’s High Demand Career Initiative (HDCI) is a public/private partnership designed to identify and address workforce challenges that exist within high-demand industries in Georgia.

With feedback from more than 150 Georgia employers, the HDCI Team has developed a series of Industry Task Forces to address acute workforce shortages in key industries. Of the four existing HDCI Industry Task Forces (IT, Film, Logistics and Aerospace), Information Technology was the inaugural task force, paving the way for a closer look into the industry and its workforce.

Here are Four Facts about Georgia’s IT Industry:

1- The HDCI IT Task Force was created by the HDCI Team, the Centers of Innovation for Information Technology and the Technology Association of Georgia.

2- With the fifth largest IT employment cluster in the U.S., Georgia currently houses 17,000 technology companies who create a $113.1 billion economic impact on the state.

3- 70% of all U.S. Financial Transactions come through Georgia and the industry employs nearly 40,000 employees.

4- Georgia IT employers have expressed a need for training more software developers, computer programmers, cyber security specialists and data analysts. Learn more in the HDCI Final Report.


The HDCI IT Task Force will meet again on March 16, 2017 to discuss developments in Georgia’s STEM education training programs.

Meet the newest member of the HDCI Team, Harrison Payne

“Through the HDCI IT Task Force, we aim to develop strategies to utilize the existing resources that will lead to a stronger, more equipped IT Workforce in Georgia.”- Harrison Payne, HDCI Program Specialist

Harrison is the HDCI Program Specialist, responsible for coordinating and supporting current and future HDCI Industry Task Forces. To get involved with a Task Force, contact Harrison at HPayne@georgia.org.

To learn more about the High Demand Career Initiative, contact HDCI Program Manager Jamie Jordan at jamie.jordan@georgia.org or visit Georgia.org/HDCI.


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