2017 Georgia Small Business ROCK STAR: Ecolink, Inc.

This year, we named four outstanding small businesses as our Small Business ROCK STARS: Atlanta Movie Tours, Atlas Turf International, Ecolink Inc., and Sweet Grass Dairy. We are highlighting each one in a series of blog posts.


Ecolink is a 25-year industrial chemical manufacturer and distributor with an environmental mission of fewer and safer chemicals for workers and their communities.

Led by Brandon Pelissero, Chief Value Officer & Zero Waste Wannabe, they were among the earliest pioneers in formulating product with citrus terpene oil (citrus fruit skins) as alternatives to toxic and hazardous chemicals that have been banned or phased out.

So what makes Ecolink so unique? For starters, 100 percent of their branded solutions were developed in collaboration with their customers, including packaging, labeling and even the name of the product.

They have also successfully leveraged digital marketing in very big ways. For example, 10 clicks have converted into more than $10M of lifetime revenue, and Ecolink wins awards in state-level marketing contests consistently.

In addition, Ecolink is committed to educating Georgia’s future workforce. Beginning in 1999, Ecolink funded environmental education with leading national programs and currently invests in business and marketing programs in high schools throughout Georgia to help promote their 25th anniversary.

Revenues have increased over 40 percent from historical averages and a phenomenal 73 percent since 2013. Ecolink has continued to invest in technology and digital marketing, pairing virtual marketing (web) with physical marketing (in person).

The company also continues to invest heavily in high school and college interns to keep up with the growing demand, the increasing number of the new products and ever-changing technology.

Economically, more than 75 percent of the Ecolink’s annual revenue are manufactured within Georgia through several specialty contract blenders. Their annual logistics impact exceeds 5,000 combined deliveries, and they export to 20 different countries and utilize ports for cargo shipments.

Environmentally, due to very stringent state government regulations, over 35 percent of Ecolink’s annual sales are based in the western United States. This need has allowed Ecolink to remain on the forefront of the development of products that are safer and less disruptive to air quality.

Ecolink’s commitment extends far beyond the chemical world. They are recognized leaders for chemical management/leasing best practices and proud members of US Zero Waste Business Council.

“Everything we do is based on connections with a client or potential client. And a lot of people have helped us get to where we are today.” -Brandon Pelissero, Chief Value Officer & Zero Waste Wannabe, Ecolink Inc.

Ecolink has engaged a number of partners to reach the point where they are today. Some of those partners include the Georgia Department of Economic Development’s International Trade Division, the Georgia Department of Education, the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, and the Stone Mountain Industrial Park Association.

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