Workforce Contacts

Workforce Office 404.962.4005
Ben Hames Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4020
Janice Davis Operations Manager/Assistant to the Deputy Commissioner 404.962.4020
Montevia Gamble Operations Specialist 404.962.4146
Shemeeka Johnson Senior Communications Specialist 404.962.4145
Parrish Walton Content Specialist 404.685.2617
State Initiatives
Matt Colvin State Initiatives Director 404.962.4104
Jamie Jordan High Demand Career Initiative Program Manager 404.962.4141
Harrison Payne High Demand Career Initiative Specialist 404.962.4135
Justin Haight Georgia WorkSmart Program Manager 404.962.4191
Mark Lee Georgia Skilled Trade Initiative Program Manager 404.962.4921
Karen Curtis Georgia Skilled Trade Initiative Program Specialist 770.301.3858
Rossany Rios Disability Employment Initiative Lead 404.962.4928
WIOA Services
Menelik Alleyne WIOA Services Director 404.962.4027
Brett Lacy Program Director 404.962.4139
William Atkinson Program Specialist 404.962.4919
Nia Taylor-Brackett Program Specialist 770.871.9656
Manoa Daniel Program Specialist  404.313.8926
Jackie Griffin Rapid Response Director 404.962.4139
Norris Smith Rapid Response Coordinator 404.317.7562
Tiffany Gordon Rapid Response Coordinator 404.951.7608
Steven Wilson Data and Information Director 404.962.4147
Kendrick Snipe Data and Information Specialist 404.989.3695
Jason Mann ETPL Specialist 404.275.4135
Kate Russell Grants Administrator 404.962.4019
Tia Allen Sr. Grant Specialist 404.985.1200
Clayton Bassett Grant Specialist 404.747.8892
David Dietrichs Deputy Counsel 404.962.4136
Diaon Woods Sr. Compliance Specialist 404.962.4830
Kayla Holwick Compliance Specialist 404.962.4138
James Thomas Compliance Specialist 404.962.4923
Mellie Corrigan Compliance Specialist 404.962.4069

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To get help expanding or relocating a business in Georgia, contact the Georgia Department of Economic Development or call 404.962.4000.

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