Research Centers in Georgia

Business research centers in Georgia are accessible to university and industry researchers to advance everything from vaccine development and wireless systems to tissue engineering, digital filmmaking, NMR spectroscopy, and more. With both independent and university-backed research laboratories and equipment at their disposal, existing companies are able to make leaps in innovation and gain competitive advantage, while new businesses are created to develop new products and new markets.

Georgia’s business research laboratories and equipment range from large, multi-user, multipurpose centers to highly specialized laboratories and equipment. Many provide the sophisticated infrastructure essential for making the laboratory discoveries that lead to new technologies.

Georgia Research Alliance Centers of Research Excellence foster multi-university collaborations that drive the development of breakthrough technologies.
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CollabTech at Georgia State University provides new bioscience companies with sophisticated equipment and access to scientific expertise.
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The Georgia BioBusiness Center at the University of Georgia houses several companies and facilitates collaboration and access to research and technology at UGA.
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Life Sciences Business Development Center in Augusta is the home of the state’s only center of innovation for life sciences.
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The Advanced Technology Development Center provides strategic business advice and expert help to build and launch technology companies.
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The American Cancer Society (ACS) has a remarkable research program composed of extramural grants and epidemiology and surveillance research.
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The ACS Epidemiology and Surveillance Research Program collects information regarding trends in cancer incidence, mortality, and survival.
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The United States Department of Agriculture has a number of branches, including the Agricultural Research Service in Athens. This location consists of four sites:

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