Industries in Georgia

Georgia’s pro-business environment will:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Provide access to global markets
  • Mitigate business risk
  • Leverage a smart, stable and well-trained workforce of 4.7 million

Georgia’s no-cost Quick Start training program, low corporate tax rates, unbeatable logistics and transportation infrastructure and Department of Economic Development experts give Georgia businesses – including the 20 Fortune 500® headquarters, 33 Fortune 1000® firms and numerous international companies headquartered here – a competitive edge by operating in a strategic U.S. hub for domestic and global commerce.


Explore Georgia’s key industries to learn how businesses succeed here:





Contact Centers

Data Centers

Defense Contractors

Energy & Environment

Film and Television

Financial Services

Food Processing


Information Technology

Life Sciences

Logistics & Transportation




  • With compelling tax incentives and a wealth of local resources, game developers and publishers will realize that Georgia is a great place to do business.
    Paul Condolora, Turner Broadcasting System Inc.
  • Our new corporate headquarters, conceived and realized to promote innovation and collaboration, opening here in Georgia today, positions NCR for a very bright future. It will help us to secure and extend our competitive edge, drive growth and enhance the service we provide to our customers.
    Bill Nuti, NCR
  • An incredible collection of logistic assets … really set Georgia apart when it comes to competing for business.
    Eddie Capel, Manhattan Associates
  • Everybody from the Governor to the Lieutenant Governor to the AG Commissioner, they are all about helping small businesses grow.
    Lauri Jo Bennet, Lauri Jo’s Southern Style Canning
  • By choosing West Georgia, Kia was able to take advantage of proximity to its future suppliers while benefiting from a solid infrastructure.
    Corinne Hodges, Kia Motors
  • Georgia is our home state and very important to us. The port of Savannah is very strategic for the state of Georgia and very strategic for the Home Depot. About twenty percent of our imports … enter through the … port of Savannah.
    Mark Holifield, Home Depot
  • We see Georgia, the university structure here, the employees, the people that live here as a huge benefit to General Motors.
    Micky Bly, General Motors
  • They facilitated the conversations, and got us a contact inside GE which ultimately led to our contract.
    Payne Hughes, Thrush Aircraft
  • Without the Center, I think we simply wouldn't really know where to begin.
    J. Eric Corban, Guided Systems
  • Commercialization would have been difficult if not almost impossible without the help of the Centers of Innovation.
    Ken Watkins, Polymer Aging Concepts
  • The Center helps us in industry to network with other professionals and gives us a good voice that we can speak collectively about Georgia to make sure that we take care of our customers.
    Mark Holifield, The Home Depot
  • The Center brings the people together to discuss the world’s best practices and it brings companies like us together to discuss the technology that’s available.
    Eddie Capel, Manhattan Associates
  • The Center of Innovation has shown us doors that we didn’t know existed and have also helped us open doors that we may have seen but weren’t able to get through.
    Chris Paulk, Muscadine Products Corporation
  • To a large extent AREA-I owes its existence to the Georgia Center of Innovation and to the state of Georgia. I really am immensely grateful for what they've given.
    Nick Alley, AREA-I
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