Aerospace companies in Georgia can expand their business, accelerate development and maintain a competitive edge in a global marketplace while mitigating risk and lowering costs. More than 500 aerospace companies reap the benefits of a business climate that provides access to the latest aerospace technologies and 86,000 employees rated most productive in the nation.


Georgia’s aerospace workforce is well-trained and ready for the future of unmanned systems. Aerospace firms can scale their employee training needs anytime and place at no cost to them thanks to Quick Start, the nation’s top workforce development program. Georgia also boasts a top-ranked aerospace engineering education program at the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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Georgia’s proximity to space launch facilities helps aerospace firms lower the cost of doing business in logistics, manufacturing and R&D, while positioning them to capitalize on the emerging space market. Learn more about Georgia’s space industry.


Aerospace companies in Georgia will:

  • Travel to client sites, manufacturing facilities and other locations all over the world with easy access to Georgia’s 104 public and 339 private airports.
  • International representatives in 11 strategic global markets.
  • Maintain competitive edge by establishing strategic partnerships with Robins Air Force Base, key state contacts and other aerospace industry leaders.
  • Lower costs with robust tax incentives.
  • Expand business with access to potential investor networks, alternative financing, private contract actions.

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