Agribusiness companies can accelerate business growth, gain competitive advantage, and expand into global markets with access to incentive programs, smart tax breaks, research grants, angel investor networks and venture capital. As Georgia’s leading industry, a mature agricultural business infrastructure coupled with the resources of universities and other facilities enable agribusiness firms to take new products to market faster.

Not only is Georgia a leading producer of commodities like soybeans, peanuts, cotton, broilers and blueberries, but the state now has a thriving value-added products industry that includes wine, artisan cheeses and ice cream, Vidalia relishes, peach products and olive oil among other goods.

Georgia leads the nation in key poultry-production categories.

Agribusiness contributes $74.3 billion to Georgia’s economy.


World-class facilities like Georgia Tech Research Institute’s Agricultural Technology Research ProgramUniversity of Georgia’s College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Georgia’s Center of Innovation for Agribusiness help companies accelerate growth and remain competitive.


Agribusiness companies in Georgia will:

  • Increase efficiency and profitability with a robust transportation network.
  • Mitigate business risk by tapping into Georgia’s mature agribusiness infrastructure.
  • Maintain competitive advantage with access to funding.
  • Find solutions to seasonal and year-round workforce challenges through Quick Start, the nation’s top-ranked workforce training program.
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