Artists and arts organizations play an important role in our state in driving tourism and local economic growth by significantly expanding the number of people enjoying artistic and cultural endeavors, creating jobs, supporting arts education, and enriching community identity. The creative industries in Georgia represent a combined $37 billion in revenue, including 200,000 employed with $12.1 billion in earnings, and $62.5 billion in total economic impact.

Georgia Council for the Arts empowers the arts industry
in Georgia and artists around the state
to cultivate healthy, vibrant communities that are
rich in civic participation, cultural development
and economic prosperity. LEARN MORE.


With the support of Georgia Council for the Arts, arts organizations and artists in Georgia:

  • Drive tourism, create jobs and attract new businesses to our state.
  • Revitalize communities.
  • Engage citizens in programs and services that offer benefits ranging from improved physical and mental health and increased civic engagement to new skills development and better problem-solving.
  • Play an essential role in education, cultivating the next generation of entrepreneurs, leaders, inventors, and creative problem solvers that will place Georgia as a leader in the global economy.
  • Build and invest in community connections creating a collective sense of place and identity.



  • Arts dedicated entities can apply for a Partner Grant that support an organization’s operational budget.
  • Nonprofit organizations or units of government presenting or producing high quality arts programs can apply for a Project Grants that support individual arts programming, productions or events.
  • Cities, Counties or Authorities partnering with arts entities to create sustainable local tourism products can apply for a Tourism Product Development Grant
  • High School students can submit an original poem for consideration for the annual Poet Laureate’s Prize
  • Community entities can request a reading by Georgia’s Poet Laureate, Judson Mitcham
  • Visual Artists can submit their artwork for consideration for “The Art of Georgia,” a rotating exhibit in The Office of the Governor
  • Nominate an organization or individual that has made significant contributions to the arts and humanities for a Governor’s Awards for the Arts & Humanities
  • Communities can apply to be the recipient of a GCA traveling exhibit

Learn more about arts funding and program opportunities.

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Karen Paty

Executive Director


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