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Georgia’s energy solutions providers can accelerate the development of renewable energy products, lower risk and reduce costs with access to innovative industry research, renewable natural resources and alternative energy crops, a global logistics “super network” and smart tax incentives.

Bioenergy is projected to pump $5 billion into Georgia’s economy over the next 10 years.

Georgia is America’s
leading source of sustainable biomass.


  • GE Energy, Mitsubishi Turbines, EFACEC, Exide Technologies, and Suniva are just a few of the many energy companies that have operations in the state.
  • Georgia Biomass LLC  has the world’s largest renewable energy capacity of wood pellets.
  • Georgia Tech is home to the University Center of Excellence for Photovoltaics Research and Education, one of two in the U.S.
  • Ranked first in the nation in the percentage of electric vehicle registrations.
  • 7th largest metro Clean-Tech economy in the nation boasting over 43,000 jobs.
  • Learn more about solar energy in Georgia. (PDF)
  • Learn more about the energy industry in Georgia. (PDF)


Energy solutions providers in Georgia will:

  • Mitigate business risk with our expertise in real estate, corporate tax, labor, transportation and access to air, rail and ports.
  • Save time and start-up costs using facilities with clean rooms that can be modified for solar production.
  • Lower operating costs with inexpensive manufacturing and technology facilities.
  • Accelerate smart grid systems development with the resources of the Technology Association of Georgia’s (TAG) Smart Energy Society.
  • Access research and development resources such as privately owned timberland, logging contractors and the Herty Advanced Materials Development Center.
  • Maintain environmental industry best practices with Master Timber Harvester-certified timber harvesters and procurement foresters.
  • Expand globally by exporting biomass through the Port of Brunswick and transporting wind energy cargo through the Port of Savannah.
  • Increase productivity with a skilled workforce and customized workforce education programs that address industry needs.
  • Connect with industry leaders through the Metro Atlanta Chamber’s Clean Tech Leadership Council.

Learn more about energy solution providers and clean energy firms in Georgia.

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