Digital Entertainment

Digital media and entertainment software are significant elements of the creative cluster for Georgia and is growing at a remarkable rate.

Georgia offers you the optimal conditions and the best talent to help you succeed. With a hotbed of university talent and a growing digital media industry, abundant tax incentives, an affordable lifestyle and a host of logistical and cultural advantages, Georgia is on the cusp to become the South’s Silicon Valley.

  • Games Sector – Console Development, Online Games, Social or Casual Games, Mobile Games, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality
  • Animation & Digital Effects – 2D and 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Motion Graphics & Motion Capture, Immersive entertainment
  • Filmed Entertainment – eSports, MultiChannel Networks

Georgia’s affordable cost of living lets you maintain higher standards for the way you want to live, work and play. Georgia residents can easily reach more than 151 U.S. destinations and more than 80 international destinations in 52 countries via Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

  • 30% tax credit
  • Solid technology infrastructure and cost competitive
  • Creative and highly educated workforce
  • Top talent and Leading Academic Institutions
  • Entrepreneurial business environment
  • Established digital media industry

Georgia Embraces Digital Media
and Interactive Entertainment

1 A rich talent pool assures a continuous pipeline of skilled workers
  • Georgia’s population is projected to grow at a rate of 46% between 2010 and 2030, adding 4.6 million people to the state.
  • Georgia has a young population and strong in-migration. More than half the population are between the ages of 20-54, and over 100,000 people move here each year.
  • The state’s 4.7-million-member workforce represents all levels of experience, education and diversity.
  • The Atlanta region is 1st in the U.S. for growth in highly-educated people ages 25-34 — the most coveted demographic in the nation.
2 Georgia is educating and training a skilled workforce
  • The Atlanta region’s rate of growth in number of degrees awarded is 2nd-highest in the country.
  • In the rate of growth of degrees awarded between 1989 & 2005, metro Atlanta universities rank
    • #1 in the engineering field
    • #3 in computer/information sciences
3 Georgia is home to world class institutions and innovators
  • The University System of Georgia is among the largest systems in the country, graduating around 44,000 students each year.
  • College enrollment in metro Atlanta is growing faster than in any other top U.S. higher education center, and is outpacing the rate of population growth in the metro region.
  • The Atlanta region’s rate of growth in number of degrees awarded is 2nd-highest in the country.
4 What are our key advantages?
  • Computer and engineering talent
  • Multimedia and animation talent
  • Educational institutions
  • A world-class entertainment industry
  • An abundance of creative professionals
  • A gaming ecosystem
  • Moderate cost of living
  • Low cost of doing business – a low corporate tax rate
  • Attractive Tax credits
  • Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest airport
  • High quality of life: temperate weather
  • A myriad of sports and cultural activities
  • Cosmopolitan, yet offering traditional “Southern Hospitality”



Asante Bradford


  • Georgia’s in a prime position to showcase leading virtual reality capabilities and compete both nationally and internationally. Our tech and creative communities in the state are inherently driven and focused on innovating. VR is a new, fertile ground to do just that – invent new VR and AR experiences and solutions that will transform our realities, both in the real world and in the virtual world.
    Chad Eikhoff, Founder, TRICK 3D
  • Show me another major U.S. city that has quick access to a large number of highly talented, creative people and a 30% tax break.
    Matt Thompson, Floyd County Productions
  • We were looking to expand to a place where we could do digital animation economically... We found that the Georgia incentives, combined with the OTJ (On-the-Job) training incentive, plus the local pool of creative talent, made Atlanta the right place.
    Brett Coker, COO, Bento Box Entertainment
  • I couldn't imagine building my mobile gaming studio anywhere other than Georgia. It has everything you could want - top tier colleges to recruit great talent, a bustling city and international airport, a thriving entertainment industry and it’s a fantastic community for me and my team to raise our families.
    Jeff Hilimire, CEO, Dragon Army
  • The state's commitment to supporting companies working in new areas such as Augmented Reality has enabled us transition our experience into the marketplace, through students and startups, and will help Georgia become recognized as a leader in this area.
    Blair MacIntyre, Georgia Institute of Technology Augmented Environments Lab
  • The state's entertainment incentives have supported our efforts to build an exceptional, Georgia-grown game development studio. We have relocated over a dozen experienced game industry professionals to Georgia and put them in mentoring positions with talented new graduates.
    Todd Harris, Hi-Rez Studios