Food Processing

Food processing companies in Georgia can develop and distribute the best products for consumers at lower cost thanks to an expanding agricultural sector, robust water infrastructure, an advanced transportation and logistics network, and top-ranked, no-cost workforce development.

Georgia’s food processing industry contributed
$11.5 billion to the gross state product.

175-plus food processing companies have invested
$2.3 billion in Georgia in the past 10 years.


Food processing companies in Georgia will:

  • Ensure speedy and efficient distribution of products with access to 12 major distribution centers, 60-plus warehouses, more than 100 motor freight carriers and extensive rail and highway systems.
  • Access top talent from top universities and technical colleges, continually develop employees with Quick Start’s customized training at no cost.
  • Identify new opportunities to expand business with experts from Georgia’s Department of Economic Development.
  • Establish and develop new business opportunities in the United States and around the world.



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Food Processing Industry

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