Businesses headquartered in Georgia – including 18 Fortune® 500 headquarters and 30 Fortune® 1000 companies – can lower production costs, grow their skilled workforce, optimize access to the world’s top business markets, and improve their bottom line.

Georgia is home to
18 Fortune® 500 headquarters. LEARN MORE.

30 Fortune® 1000 firms and 3500 international companies are also headquartered in Georgia.


Businesses with headquarters in Georgia can:

  • Mitigate business risk with Georgia’s AAA bond rating.
  • Expedite the commercialization of innovations with the Georgia Centers of Innovation.
  • Achieve competitive advantages in workforce, logistics and innovation with access to an advanced transportation and logistics infrastructure, a quality lifestyle, a low cost of living, and a world-class education system.
  • Capitalize on a global-minded business culture.
  • Significantly lower their tax burden.
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