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Logistics service providers and transportation companies in Georgia gain competitive and strategic business advantages operating in the transportation “super hub” of the Southeast. Georgia’s location at the crossroads of north-south and east-west travel helps move people and products quickly and efficiently via air, road, railway and sea to global markets, helping businesses save time and money.

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Logistics services providers and transportation companies in Georgia will:

  • Expedite delivery to domestic markets by extensive rail systems and access to four major U.S. interstate highways. 
  • Connect with customers around the world through flights from the world’s busiest and most efficient passenger airport.
  • Export goods to 209 countries and territories across the globe via deep-water sea ports in Savannah and Brunswick. 
  • Develop new business, tap into intellectual capital and access technology research through the Center of Innovation for Logistics.  
  • Maintain a competitive workforce through Georgia’s various academic programs and customized training needs.
  • Leverage nine general purpose Foreign Trade Zones across the state to reduce delays, and in some cases, eliminate tariffs on imported items.
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