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In a globally competitive environment, companies that continue to adapt, change and innovate are the companies that will be marketplace leaders. No matter what phase of your growth, Georgia has the technology and innovation resources that can provide the competitive edge you need. From incubators to university research connections to technology services, you can find it here.

Center of Innovation for Aerospace

Find out how aerospace companies in Georgia can expand their business, accelerate development and maintain a competitive edge in a global marketplace while mitigating risk and lowering costs.

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Center of Innovation for Agribusiness

Learn more about how a mature agricultural business infrastructure coupled with the resources of universities and other facilities enable agribusiness firms to take new products to market faster.

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Center of Innovation for Energy Technology

Get information about how Georgia’s energy solutions providers can accelerate the development of renewable energy products, lower risk, and reduce costs with access to innovative industry research, renewable natural resources and alternative energy crops, a global logistics “super network” and smart tax incentives.

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Center of Innovation for Information Technology

Learn more about how Georgia’s skilled workforce and broadband infrastructure ensure superior staffing and reliable communications for businesses in IT-related fields.

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Center of Innovation for Logistics

Learn more about how logistics services providers and transportation companies in Georgia gain competitive efficiencies and strategic business advantages operating in the transportation “super hub” of the Southeast.

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Center of Innovation for Manufacturing

Learn more about how GDEcD's extensive market knowledge, resources and supplier connections help manufacturing companies streamline their processes, maximize productivity and accelerate revenue growth.

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Gathering and Networking

There are many cool and accommodating spots for entrepreneurs to meet other entrepreneurs and to connect to new ideas, opportunities and possibilities.

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