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Small Business QuickFacts

Georgia is the place for small business. Did you know that there are over 600,000 registered establishments in Georgia. See more QuickFacts, download the PDF file, and get the latest emailed directly to your inbox.

  • There are 601,987 registered establishments in Georgia (SOS: 10/3/16)
  • According to the GA Dept. of Labor, 298,415 business establishments represented GA employment in the first quarter of 2015; of those:
    • 99.8% are categorized as small (fewer than 500 employees)
    • 97.6% employed fewer than 100
    • 94.6% employed fewer than 50
    • 77.7% employed fewer than 10

‘best in class’

State-level economic development agency in US (IEDC 11/14)

Best state for business in US

GA ranks #1 (third year running) in us for best state for business (site selection 11/15)

Fastest growth in number of women-owned firms

GA ranks #1 (3rd straight year) in us for fastest growth in number of women-owned firms (American OPEN  5/15)

Exporting state in the us

GA ranks #11 in US as a top exporting state (trade & economic analysis 3/16)